Promoting cybersecurity, and through IT security awareness, is an essential objective in our digital world. Cyber-attacks pose a significant threat to businesses, organizations and governments alike, causing loss of prestige and financial damage. In this regard, Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions open up space for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts to showcase, test and develop their skills while raising awareness of the different areas of cybersecurity threats and current trends.

The CTF competitions simulate real cyber attacks, where participants are tasked with identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in various systems and applications, resulting in the capture of hidden "flags".  Through the challenges, participants have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, gain professional experience in a safe and controlled environment and expand their network of contacts.

Our research group has been organising CTF events at the Neumann János University of Óbuda's Faculty of Computer Science for several years and also countrywide. We consider it important to raise students' interest in cybersecurity, to deepen and maintain their motivation, and to complement the traditional learning-based development of their skills in a playful and experiential way. We pride ourselves on organising and running our competitions at an expert level, keeping abreast of current trends, offering real challenges and valuable experiences to participants.

Our next competition in October will feature a first online round, which will be available for a full week, as is our tradition. The top ten best performers will be selected in an in-person final.

As a sponsor of the CTF competition, you have the opportunity to support the next generation of cybersecurity professionals while promoting your company and demonstrating your commitment to cybersecurity. By supporting these events, you can help promote the importance of cybersecurity and contribute to a safer digital world.