Here's your chance to discover the secrets of cyberspace and prove you're one of the most creative attackers! CyberQuest invites you to an exciting Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, where you'll have to find hidden flags through a variety of cybersecurity challenges. CyberQuest is a thrilling adventure where you can test your skills against the best in the business, learn new techniques you've never seen before, and face vulnerabilities you've never seen before. You're almost certain to find your favourite area of expertise among the tasks. There will be some you're good at, but you'll also find out which ones you need to improve at:
  • Web
  • Cryptogprahy
  • Forensics
  • Binary exploitation
  • Reverse engineering
We've got some special surprises for you, with an on-site final to win valuable prizes.
The challenges are waiting for you! There are no limits in cyberspace, only your skills determine the possibilities! See you at CyberQuest!

Online round: 13-22 October 2023.
Final: 3 November 2023 Budapest, BOSCH Campus

Registration opens on 1 September via the link below: CyberQuest


The competition is organised by the National Cyber-Security Center of Hungary. More information can be found on the official website of the competition.The competition is open to Hungarian citizens over 16 years of age. Registration deadline: 24:00.

To register, you need to provide the year of birth, a real e-mail address and a nickname of your choice.The competition will be held from 27.04.2023 18:00 to 30.04.2023 18:00 (Thursday - Sunday).The competition will be entirely online and competitors will be allowed to use their own computers.The platform (CTFd) and communication channel (Discord) used for the tournament will bewill be provided by the organisers.The competition will consist of CTF and forensic image tasks.The competition is one-round, everyone will be assigned the same tasks, but three groups will be considered for prizes:

Junior group: competitors born between 2003.01.01 and 2007.12.31

Senior group: competitors born between 1998.01.01 and 2002.12.31

Overall competition: all participating players regardless of age.

There will be separate prizes in each of the three categories. The total prize money for the tournament is 4 750 000 HUF.The tournament also aims to select the best Hungarian players for the European Competition (ECSC).team.
The top five finishers in the junior and senior age categories (plus one reserve) will be invited to the Hungarian team.The ECSC will be held in Norway in October 2023.Travel and accommodation will be covered by the NBSZ NKI.